Dental Assistant

Practice Membership

Dental Membership at only £13.00 per month

Belwell Dental Membership is available at only £13.00 a month*. 

We have introduced our own dental membership arrangement to reward and look after our patients who visit the practice regularly. Just look at what you can gain from becoming a member!



Every six months, our members are entitled to:

  • A dental appointment, including a clinical examination

  • A check for signs of oral cancer

  • Routine x-rays

  • A hygiene appointment to provide a full clean of the teeth and gums and advice on how to keep your mouth healthy.



  • 10% discount on any laboratory-based treatments required, i.e. crowns, bridges and dentures.

  • 10% discount on any fillings.

  • 10% discount on many other treatments (extractions, etc).

  • 10% discount on additional hygiene care.



  • Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme

  • Treatment planning to promote good oral health for life.

  • Flexible appointment times.

  • Special promotions at the practice.

  • Members-only open evenings.

  • A warranty on any dental work carried out at the practice.

  • Exclusive Annual Members only Offers




The Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme has been set up to offer discretionary support and assistance to Dental Plan patients who request treatment following a Dental Trauma and/or dental emergency or Oral Cancer.


Whats covered?

You will be eligible to receive Benefit payments from the scheme in the following situations, up to the limits shown on the Scheme Benefits Schedule, providing the Scheme Manager has accepted your request for assistance:

  • The cost of dental treatment by any dentist up to a maximum of £10,000 for any one incident of Dental Trauma;

  • The cost of:

    • Emergency callouts;

    • Pain relief or Emergency Temporary Treatment;

  • A specified amount if you suffer permanent facial period of hospitalisation wholly or partly under the care of a consultant who specialises in dental or maxillofacial surgery;

  • A specified amount if you are diagnosed with Oral Cancer and this is the primary cancer site;

  • Monthly reimbursement of you plan membership cost, if you are made compulsorily redundant.


Please refer to the member handbook for full information



* An initial administration fee of £9.50 will be collected with your first payment only.
** Subject to receipt of six consecutive monthly payments. 
*** Discounts only apply to treatments carried out at the practice.